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Iran, Revolution, and Proxy Wars

Iran, Revolution, and Proxy Wars

About this Book
Iran, Revolution, and Proxy Wars for free

This book analyzes the historical quest of the Islamic Republic of Iran to export its revolution to the Muslim countries in the Middle East and beyond. The authors argue that Iran exported its revolution by using proxies such as Hezbollah, the Iraqi Shite militias, and the Houthis. The study unravels the casual chain behind less-known cases of Iranian sponsorship of al Qaeda (Central) and al Qaida in Iraq. It combines rigorous theory with detailed empirical analysis which can add to the current debate about ways to roll back Iran’s revolutionary export.

About the authors

Ofira Seliktar is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Gratz College, USA.  She is widely published and recently co-authored Iran, Israel, and the United States:The Politics of Counterproliferation Nuclear Intelligence with Farhad Rezaei.

Farhad Rezaei is a Research Fellow at the Center for International Policy Studies (CIPS) at the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada. He is also Iran’s foreign policy analyst and author of numerous books and articles on Iran’s foreign policy, Iran’s nuclear program, nuclear intelligence, and nuclear and radiological terrorism. He recently authored Iran’s Foreign Policy After the Nuclear Agreement: Politics of Normalizers and Traditionalists.

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